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Here are next League of Legends bot laner Nilah details: leaks and rumors, abilities, first image and release date

After the introduction of Bel'Veth, the community started to discuss the next League of Legends champion. Coming in Season 12, a mysterious bot lane champion probably goes by the name Nilah and will be 161st in the pool. We gathered all the information about her.

Who is Nilah?

According to lead champion producer Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, The champion is expected to be a female bot laner that "will shake up the meta." She is somehow connected to the water and has many hands. This is a teaser art dropped by Reav3.

Source: League of Legends YouTube

Another piece of her lore was shared at the April champion roadmap. Nilah depicts as a colorful stranger that came from across the sea. There's a fight scene with her that mentions the "sound of splashing water" and "joyful laughter" during a clash.

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Also, the latest story about Graves depicts "a lady with a laughing jar" dressed in weird clothes.

"As for the other one... I don’t even want to deal with that right now."

"She’s scary," said Fate. "Never seen clothes like that before. So many hands.”

"The Boys and Bombolini" by Jared Rosen
Source: LoL official site

Her alleged name Nilah was revealed by insiders Big Bad Bear and Ryscu on June 6. The content makers found the champion's name in the list of characters with Star Guardian skins. This confirms that Nilah will come to the game with one of these sets.

In Arabic, "Nilah" serves for water hyacinth and a blue pigment extracted from these plants. It can also be used to name a huge body of water.

On June 11, BigBadBear showed a leaked image of her. Nilah is armed with a water whip and has a glowing orb matching the colors of the leaked symbol. Her appearance is looking Middle Eastern, which may confirm her name origins to be Arabic.

Source: BigBadBear Twitter

What are the new champion's abilities?

There's almost no information on her abilities. But we shall expect a melee bot laner with some unconventional mechanics. As mentioned in the roadmap story, she may be using some kind of mist, and we can only guess what the "laughing jar" is for. There were also depictions of "strange glowing puddles all over the place" that Nilah was using during the tavern brawl.

On June 14, Big Bad Bear released Nilah's full set of abilities, adding schematic visuals to explain how they work. His leak pretty much confirmed most of the previous ones. It's only unclear what exactly was the "many hands" thing, that was mentioned before and depicted as her symbol.

The official ability rundown revealed Nilah's abilities to be different from the rumor by Big Bad Bear. You can explore them here.


Bot lane skirmisher Range: 400

Passive: Iridescent Inertia

Nilah's base attack speed scaling is very low (.3), but it increases on hit up to 6 stacks. Excess attack speed above the cap is converted into additional on-hit damage.

Q: Nacre Slash

Nilah dashes a short distance in the target direction before empowering her next attack to strike twice and damage nearby enemies in a wide arc shape centered on her target. The second strike instead marks all enemies hit and then damages them after a brief delay. The second strike's damage increases based on the number of enemy champions marked.

Passive: Upon casting an ability, Nilah's next three attacks deal bonus damage. The third attack's bonus damage is doubled, and refunds 50% of her Q ability cooldown.

W: Tide Bauble

Nilah throws a water orb in the target direction. Upon hitting an enemy or terrain, it detonates, damaging and slowing enemies and creating a cloud of slowing mist that extends around all enemies and terrain hit by the initial explosion. It lasts up to 10 seconds but dissipates 4 seconds after the first allied champion enters its bounds. Enemies are unable to auto-attack champions inside the mist.

E: Reluctant Friendship

Nilah extends her whip in the target direction, tethering herself to the first enemy hit for up to 4 seconds. Tether breaks upon going further than 1000 units.

Recast 1: Nilah commands her whip to extend out from the tethered enemy's position in the target direction. If it hits another enemy or piece of terrain, a second tether is formed between the two targets, granting Nilah a second recast.

Recast 2: Tap-cast to pull the tethered targets into each other, damaging and slowing all enemies they pass through. If both enemies are champions, they are also stunned on collision. Hold-cast also causes Nilah to pull herself to the first tethered enemy.

R: Promise of the Ocean

Nilah channels, creating a circular-shaped elastic arena in the target area, lasting 7 seconds, or until she exits its bounds. Nilah can attack anything inside the arena regardless of range. Enemies that attempt to exit the arena will be pushed back inside (this can only happen once to each enemy). The arena's walls act as terrain for the purposes of her W and E abilities. As long as Nilah remains inside the arena, she gains bonus movement speed and ignores unit collision.

When will Nilah be out?

Both Big Bad Bear and Ryscu insist that Nilah will be out with patch 12.13 or 12.14. The dates of those are July 13 and 27. As for Reav3, he only pointed towards "later this year." In a short teaser, Riot will reveal first information about the champion on June 17. This makes her release to be more likely on July 13.

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