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What do we know about Arcane Season 2 on Netflix: release dates, plot, and leaks

Based on the popular Riot game League of Legends, an animated series Arcane was a big hit in 2021 and picked up 9 Annie nominations in 2022. Viewers have been waiting for any information about the second season since then, and slowly it started to appear. We've gathered all the announcements and rumors about Arcane new season, the article will be updated regularly.

Arcane Season 2 release date: will it air in 2023?

Riot and Netflix confirmed that they started the second season production on November 21.

According to Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent, the first season took six years to produce, but a sequel won't be long in coming. However, he noted that the show won't be released in 2022.

The exact release date is unknown, but rumors suggest that the second season of Arcane will be released in 2023. This date appeared on the show's page on IMDb. The only thing we know for sure so far, that the second season is not cancelled due to Netflix cuts in the animation department.

Arcane Season 2 plot: Vi and Caitlyn storyline

The first season of the Netflix show mostly focused on the relationships between sisters Vi and Jinx, which upset Caitlyn Kiramman and Vi shippers. In a Q&A interview with BAFTA Arcane showrunners Alex Yee and Christian Linke said that fans of the pair "will be happy" in the next season. Most likely, the authors will expand the storyline of their relationship in the future.

We have always wanted to tell an organic story about Caitlyn and Vi that feels like it’s really true to how we see them, and how they’ve been seen. The way in which we wanted to roll that story out has always been sort of determined. What you will see in Season 2 will be part of the big picture that we’ve had all along.

Alex Yee

Linke added that the duo will be "at the center of the stories that we tell in Season 2" and promised that viewers "will be happy" with how everything turns out.

The next big Arcane reveal might happen on June 8. The show will be featured on the Netflix Geeked Week. The authors didn't reveal the nature of the segment yet, but the overall announcement promises sneak peeks, trailers, cast panels, and surprises.

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