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Saudi-owned Twisted Minds win $5 mln cross-organization contest for best club at Saudi's Gamers8 festival

Twisted Minds took first place and won $1.5 mln of the Club Award presented by organizers of the Saudi Arabian Esports Gamers8 festival. The second and third places went to Team BDS and Gaimin Gladiators.

The Club Award is meant to reward multi-gaming organizations at the festival. They were given points for securing top-8 placements across 12 disciplines. The top scorers earned their share of the $5 million prize pool.

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Saudi-owned Twisted Minds scored 81.7 points for victory in Fortnite, second place in PUBG competition, and 3rd place in Valorant. Interestingly enough, Gaimin Gladiators also received points for 1st place in Fortnite because the Polish duo of Japko and Kami was representing each of these clubs (the points were divided). Team BDS got the most in Rainbow Six Siege.

Top teams of Club Award 2023

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