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"He degraded me during sex and I felt ashamed". FaZe suspends Mew after accusations of getting streamer Ashtro drunk to have sex with her, blackmailing to silence her

FaZe Clan streamer and Fortnite player Kerry "Mew" Nguyen was suspended by the organization following the accusations of intoxicating Twitch streamer Ashtro (or Ashtronova) to have sex with her. The girl posted her story on Twitter.

According to her words, Mew invited Ashtro to appear as a surprise guest at his subathon. After a few days of working together, they had a party, and he was deliberately giving her a lot of drinks. She states that Mew didn't drink or at least tried to stay sober.

Ashtro describes her condition as very drunk, to the point when she barely remembers what has happened. Mew has been following her that evening everywhere, and they chat a lot about gaming and content creation. At some point, Mew started kissing and groping her. Although she gave him consent, the following sex was too rough and hurting. She insisted that she was too drunk to qualify her decision as a proper agreement.

I’m pretty sure I gave consent. But I was drunk. But I don’t remember how we got to his room but I knew we had sex. The fact I don't remember much of it is the upsetting part. He hurt me during it, it was painful and he was not gentle with me. He degraded me during it and I felt ashamed. Mostly because I can’t even remember what I did. I just knew it happened. I never wanted anybody to know what happened because I was embarrassed I let someone do those things to me. So I just tried to forget it even happened.

The next day I remember he was asking me over and over if I "regret it" type questions, and he apologized to me and I don’t remember why. But he apologized to me. All I knew was that we had sex and it was not great.

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Ashtro claims that Mew spent a month "pressing her to reassure him that she did consent that night." She wasn't exactly sure and tried to distance herself from bad memories. But after a while, other girls appeared with similar accusations. Ashtro spoke to them to hear that he did "even worse things" to them. She claims that these girls do not want to go public, but she will support them whenever they decide to change their minds.

Those girls were accusing him of very serious things. All with similar stories to the one I have. He brushed it off to me as nothing. He twisted the story to make it sound like they’re all lying and just jealous of him, wanting to bring him and his success down. He tried his best to sound like a good guy, like he cared about their wellbeing. It was just a facade. He wanted to keep appearing to be the good guy in all this. <...>

Then I started doing research. I decided to look into his old allegations from earlier that year from the other girls to see if they matched up with what I went through. I reached out to his ex first. They did not come to me first. I went to them for help. I went to them for answers. I wanted to know what happened to those girls. I wanted to know if he did to them what did to me. And he did worse things I didn’t even know about until now. But very similar.

He went private on his socials and said something about suing them for defamation.

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That incident happened about a year ago. According to her words, when the time came, Mew learned that Ashtro was going to tell her story and attempted to silence her via blackmail. It's unclear what it is exactly but it seems that Mew has a video of Ashtro giving consent. She thinks it's weird that someone would decide to record that as proof beforehand.

FaZe Clan reacted on Twitter, indefinitely suspending Mew's activities. The streamer himself supported the organization's decision but promised to undergo "a proper investigation" to clear his name and take legal action against the accusers.

Mew mostly plays Fortnite and CoD. He is quite a popular streamer with a massive following on social media. His Tik-Tok fanbase amasses almost 3 mln people, Twitch and Instagram are above 500k and 800k accordingly.

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