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No[o]ne: "It's not Dota 2 anymore. It's like Dota 4.5 or something" Interview

Entity Gaming player Volodymyr "No[o]ne" Minenko spoke about the latest patch in Dota 2 that brought facets and innate abilities. He enjoys learning new features and is happy that the update refreshed the meta. The midlaner discussed this in the post-match interview after qualifying for The International 2024.

It's amazing. I think it's a really nice change for Dota. It's not Dota 2 anymore: so many patches came out: neutral items, portals, and now, facets. It's like Dota 4.5 or something. Now, it's so much fun. You're exploring so many things in the game. My Bane [Fishman] asked me five times, "Can I ulti this guy?" And I was like, "No, bro, he has dispel against your ult." <...> New patch is super enjoyable. So many of my heroes in the pool, I can pick whatever I want. Because previously, there was this Timber-Razor setup for two years or something. It was so boring. Pango-Puck. Pango is not that broken anymore, well he is, actually, but we will see at the real tournaments, because right now, people aren't sure what's OP and they are just trying. And it's amazing. I can pick Void Spirit in the second stage into five heroes and have a freaking free game. It feels so good.

Volodymyr "No[o]ne" Minenko
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No[o]ne was asked to compare his teammates with previous rosters. He is confident they have more skill, but at the same time, he criticized Entity players for being lazy in some aspects.

The difference is that there are much more skilled players, we're more tryhard in what we're trying to achieve. I don't remember the name of the team that I went to TI with MidOne. [ODPixel: Team SMG, I think] Team SMG, thank you [laughs]. For me it was more to show myself. I really like the guys, anyway. But it wasn't like we were going to win the tournament. My players right now have the best ranks in the game. They're really skilled and burn with inner fire to achieve trophies. It's a really big difference, between them and NAVI as well, I'm sure about this. And how do I feel with the boys right now? It's amazing, but I'm kinda angry most of the time with them. Because they're lazy, still, in so many moments. "Guys, you need to do this. Watson, you need to play practice this year."

Volodymyr "No[o]ne" Minenko

Entity earned the first spot at The International 2024 after they beat Tundra Esports in the upper final of the closed qualifier. The latter will face NAVI Junior or PSG Quest in the fight for the last ticket to Copenhagen. Below is the complete list of TI13 participants.

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