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OG misses second TI in row, following Ceb's baby's birth drama

OG lost to NAVI Junior in the lower bracket of the closed qualifiers for The International 2024. The team couldn't win a single map in their final bo3.

The result was most likely affected by Sebastien "Ceb" Debs joining the team last minute. He attended his baby's birth and missed the previous match against Entity. The roster also didn't know if they'd be allowed to play against NAVI Junior until closer to the match.

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Earlier, OG released a statement blaming PGL for "unprofessional" decision to not allowing an emergency stand-in for their second series. This caused quite a backlash from the community. Many fans and some pros, including Jingjun "Sneyking" Wu, admit that the "no substitute" rule is hurting the scene, but a TO shouldn't change the rules amidst the event. However, one such exception was made when PGL allowed the one-time stand-in. Not everyone shared that take. Entity Gaming supported OG and asked the organizers to allow a stand-in.

The International 2024 closed qualifier in Western Europe runs from June 19 to 23. The teams fight for two tickets to Copenhagen. Tundra and Entity have two attempts since they're facing each other in upper bracket final today, on June 22.

Entity asked PGL to allow OG to play with stand-in at TI13 qualifiers



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