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OG reveal they might be disqualified from TI13 WEU qualifier because of Ceb's absence

OG announced that the team is currently under risk of being removed from The International 2024 WEU qualifier. The team might not be able play with Sébastien "Ceb" Debs on June 22, and is not allowed to use a stand-in for more than one day.

According to the statement, Ceb was absent from matches on June 21 because of the birth of his first child. The ruleset does not allow changes to the rosters after the deadline of June 3. PGL still allowed them to play with Aleksandr "Immersion" Khmelevskoi, but only for one day. Because of it, OG might not be able to continue participating in the qualifier.

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The team criticizes PGL, saying that this ruling is "unprofessional" and that "industry is going backwards with decisions such as these". A lot of fans were displeased with OG, saying that this is not an unexpected emergency, Ceb knew about that risk in advance, and he shouldn't have played if he wasn't ready for that outcome. Some also saw the release of such statement on the evening before the matches, instead of before the qualifier, as an attempt to leverage its fanbase and force PGL into making a favorable decision.

It remains to be seen if Debs will be able to play on June 22 in lower bracket match against NAVI.Junior. If OG will be disqualified, their opponents will proceed to the lower bracket semifinal, where they will meet winner of Secret vs PSG Quest match.

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