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Watson shares Terrorblade build with Soul Fragment facet in patch 7.36b

Entity Gaming's carry Alimzhan "watson" Islambekov explained how to play Terrorblade with the new facet Soul Fragment updated in Dota 2 patch 7.36b. The player recommended a certain build on stream, although he admitted he didn't test this yet.

Pick this facet [Soul Fragment], buy Power Threads, Wraith's Band, and Vladimir's Offering. If you're already hard carrying, you can get Diffusal Blade. Otherwise, go for Manta Style. Then you just go and set the tempo with these illusions. You don't need mana, you always have HP, thanks to Vladimir. So, you can always fight.

MoM? Nah, MoM is not great. You can always disassemble Vladimir for Satanic, and if you disassemble MoM for Satanic, you don't always want to go into Silver Edge [with Broadsword].

Alimzhan "watson" Islambekov

Soul Fragment allows to cast Conjure Image illusions always at full health, but for a 15% of HP. In patch 7.36b, the spell's mana cost was decreased to 0.

Terrorblade is one of the weakest heroes of patch 7.36 based on statistics across all ranks in MMR. His current winrate is only 43.5%. The latest update didn't visibly changed the state of things for him. Maybe the advice from the king of European ladder will save the character.

Patch 7.36b is released in Dota 2, nerfing Zeus, Axe, Sand King, Wind Waker, and others

watson watson

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