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Saksa: "TI13 qualifier format is so ass. Don't lose a single game in OQ#1 just to end up seeded in lower bracket"

Martin "Saksa" Sazdov is unhappy about their stack's seeding in the closed qualifier for The International 2024. He thinks it's unfair to get a lower bracket placement after Team Bald destroyed the opponents in the lower bracket. The support complained about this on X.

This format is so ass. We didn't lose a single game in open qualifier #1 just to end up seeded in lower bracket vs loser of PSG Quest - Entity.

Martin "Saksa" Sazdov
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The closed qualifier format mirrors previous years when some teams also started in the lower bracket. However, there were no open qualifiers back then: All the participants were invited based on the DPC standings or placements in the 3rd tour. This time, Valve invited teams that earned some competitive achievements across the season. Team Bald with Gorgc, Saksa, and Mikey, was assembled before the OQ.

The last open qualifiers before TI13 took place in 2019. The closed qualifiers were way more forgiving, as they had group stages and double-elimination bracket playoffs.

Gorgc, Saksa, Mikey stack advances to TI13 closed qualifiers on first try



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