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Patch 7.36b is released in Dota 2, nerfing Zeus, Axe, Sand King, Wind Waker, and others

Valve Corporation released an update 7.36b, focused on fixing the outliers of the current meta closer to the normal winrates. The developers mostly reduced the power of heroes, but some characters also received buffs, especially to the less popular facets.

There is a lot of nerfs to the popular heroes and facets. The list includes Axe, Sand King, Shadow Shaman, Legion Commander, Dragon Knight, Juggernaut and many others. One of the most significantly impacted hero in this update is Zeus, who received nerfs on his every ability. His Lightning Hands ability from Aghanim's Shard can no longer be applied by illusions, one of his facets and a passive was nerfed, cast range on Arc Lightning was nerfed, and ultimate's cooldown was increased.

Among the buffed are Monkey King, Marci, Pangolier, Phantom Assassin, Slark, Rikimaru. In the item department, Bloodstone, Eternal Shroud and Wind Waker were also nerfed.

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The developers also changed how certain mechanics worked. The buildings and creeps no longer provide vision when the player's vision is limited by Mars's Arena or Nightstalker's Void. They also split forced movement and knockback in two different categories. The first is any effect that forcibly moves a unit, while the second is any effect that pushes or pulls a unit a fixed distance over a short period of time.

The full list of changes is available on the official site. This is the update which will be used for The International 2024 qualifier matches. They will start on June 9 with China and North America. Full list of attending teams will be known by June 23 after Western Europe qualifier will end.

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