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Aurora gets default loss vs BetBoom Team due to LAN cafe internet issues, loses chance for Riyadh Masters invite

Aurora Gaming vs BetBoom Team Dota 2 match in the lower bracket of DreamLeague S23 finished with a default loss of the former. After 70 minutes into the game 3, it went on pause, which was never resumed.

According to casters, Aurora was playing from a LAN-cafe, and the internet went down. BetBoom Team's manager cenra pointed out on Telegram that they gave their pause time to the opponents and were ready to wait as long as possible, but ESL made a decision to stop the match after 51 minutes of waiting.

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Aurora got eliminated from the tournament. They were 30k behind in the last game, but thanks to BetBoom's mistake grabbed the Aegis and destroyed a set of barracks not long before the pause.

This incident put an end to Aurora's run for Riyadh Masters 2024 direct invite. Third place at DreamLeague would guarantee them the spot. Now, the squad will have to go through the regional qualifiers. Only three teams remain in this race: Azure Ray, Heroic, and Team Spirit.

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