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Miposhka after PGL Wallachia: "I hope Ame retires soon after this. He won't survive the next final like that"

Team Spirit Dota 2 captain Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naydenov trolled Wang "Ame" Chunyu after defeating Xtreme Gaming in the grand final of PGL Wallachia S1. He joked that the Chinese carry "might not survive" another clash against them in future. He spoke about their comeback to the top and tough match on the team's Telegram.

Well guys, that's it, the tournament is over for us. Usually, I start with this phrase when we end badly, but not this time! This time, we defeated Xtreme, we are on top again. You didn't believe it, but we did it again. There were, of course, those who believed, thank you. And to those who didn't, I already said everything. In short, we are very happy, it was a hard day. The opponent was very difficult and strong. [Yatoro in the background: They're such tryhards]

The opponents sold their souls to the devil for this final. But again, Spirit, again 3:2. In the finals, we f**ked them up a little bit. I hope Ame ends his career soon after this, it's time for him to retire. It seems to me that he won't survive the next final like that.

In general, we are happy and satisfied. Now we can finally chill, and shake off these five Red Bulls. Thank you all for your support. And continue cheer for as, as you can see, it isn't a waste.

Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naydenov
Collapse after beating Xtreme in grand final: "They constantly fight back and don't give up, they're some kind of monsters"

This was the third time Ame lost to Spirit in a LAN final. They famously stopped PSG.LGD from taking the Aegis of The International 2021, and defeated at PGL Major Arlington. He won a final against them only once, at Riyadh Masters 2022.

PGL Wallachia S1 took place in Romania from May 10 to 19, with 16 participating teams. The prize pool was $1 mln. On the grand final day, Team Spirit played eight maps, first taking down Falcons and then Xtreme.

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