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Mira after lower final vs Falcons: "I'm glad but I want to just go and die now" Interview

Team Spirit player Miroslav "Mira" Kolpakov confessed he felt exhausted after their comeback in the lower bracket final at PGL Wallachia S1. He hopes he can get ready for the grand final versus Xtreme Gaming.

I feel exhausted, but I'm really happy that we won. Because we did a lot of work before this tournament, so it's great that it's working for us. And I'm glad but I want to just go and die now, sleep and get some food. [Banks: How do you reset now?] I don't know, maybe two big coffees, sandwiches, and maybe some cigarettes, and some hope. Hope for the best.

Miroslav "Mira" Kolpakov
Miposhka after eliminating BOOM from PGL Wallachia: "We didn't even expect it to be so easy"

On all chat with ATF

Yeah, I think that was friendly. We were talking about the white noise [serves to cancel outside noises]. After the first game, he told us he could hear us. Then we got it, too, because both teams must be equal. I was just like, "Thank you for disturbing my ears for game two." Something like that

Miroslav "Mira" Kolpakov

The team won the last game of the series in 53 minutes, fighting against a 20k gold advantage. As of writing, their next match has already begun.

PGL Wallachia S1 runs from May 10 to 19. The participants are competing for a share of $1 mln. This is the first missed grand final this year for the unstoppable Falcons. They previously had won three out of four of those. The team didn't have their full lineup in Romania, as Malr1ne missed the event due to visa issues and was replaced by Nine.

Nine on possible return: "I want to play again, but we will see"



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