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Taiga denies he "ever thrown a game or bet on losing," says he will "gladly accept punishment from Valve and organizers"

Ex-OG Dota 2 player Tommy "Taiga" Le broke radio silence on the match-fixing accusations. He is glad the investigation came out, although he denies some of the allegations and claims he was "portrayed as worse as possible." The player also apologized to former teammates and said he is ready for the repercussions of his wrongdoings.

Taiga confirmed leaking insider information to Sensibility but refuted any match-fixing actions and receiving transfers for those. However, he didn't address betting on OG's wins, which he admitted in the investigation.

I have NEVER thrown a map on purpose before, or during my time in OG, nor bet on us losing, including betting on FBS myself. But yes, I have disclosed info to Sensibility for his own bets since I did owe him at the time and streamed so he could do his own thing and get off my back so I could focus on the match. Everything that I did was the result of "negotiating" with him because he wanted me to throw matches, which I never did and never will. And this was the least damaging thing, to keep him quiet.

Tommy "Taiga" Le

The support didn't say any chat messages or audios were fake but claimed that "things were taken out of context." He didn't owe money to the "322 mafia" but rather the opposite. Taiga warned others against dealing with Sensibility, providing links to his shady deals, including our investigation into his stalking and threatening girls.

"Everyone must know what a monster he is." Banned pro-player Sensibility accused of blackmail, threats and stalking girls

At the end of his message, Taiga says he will "gladly accept any punishment from the organizers & Valve." This part of the message also sounds like an announcement of a retirement.

This will probably be the last thing you hear from me in the Dota pro scene. Dota doesn't deserve the worst of me, nor do I deserve the worst of Dota. I will gladly accept any punishment from the organizers and Valve. People can come to their own conclusions and speculations about what happened during the worst chapter of my life. What is important for me right now is that I know what happened, and what has been portrayed is not it.

Tommy "Taiga" Le

Following the scandalous reveal, Taiga disappeared from the list of ULTI Agency's clients and removed from his last team, Leviatan. OG released a statement, saying they suspected the player of match-fixing when he was part of the team and investigated his activities but couldn't find evidence. He was nonetheless kicked because of those suspicions. No TO or Valve has commented on the matter. Our summary of Morf's investigation is below.

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