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Pure: "Maybe I'm not going to travel to PGL Wallachia S1"

Tundra Esports Dota 2 player Ivan "Pure~" Moskalenko implied that he or the whole team might skip PGL Wallachia Season 1. The carry shared this on a recent stream, talking to fans in chat. He didn't specify the details.

How will I get to Romania? Maybe I'm not going to travel there at all. We'll see. Maybe we won't make it there.

Ivan "Pure~" Moskalenko

Pure used the word "we" in Russian, which might still mean only him or the whole lineup. Tundra has been on the rise lately and finished 3rd at ESL One Birmingham 2024. However, they have roster issues. Tobias "Tobi" Buchner competes with them as a stand-in, while Pure himself is on loan from BetBoom.

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BetBoom CEO initially stated that the Russian carry would "play 2-3 next events" for Tundra to see if he fits the roster. Since then, Ivan has taken part in 9 competitions, including qualifiers, and took over the captain role. The parties might be negotiating his contract extension or a possible transfer.

PGL Wallachia S1 runs on LAN and kicks off in four days on May 10. The TO didn't reveal the participants' rosters. According to Liquipedia, Tundra should compete with the current lineup.

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