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Quinn explained Gaimin Gladiators' recent failures Interview

Gaimin Gladiators player Quinn "Quinn" Callahan discussed the team's future after exiting the ESL One Birmingham 2024 group stage. The midlaner openly admitted that the team probably didn't notice the moment when they dropped off compared to the average level and became overly confident.

It's kinda just get better and work harder. Since TI and as a team life extends, I think you're just more likely to become more complacent. This is just how things work. Especially when you had a lot of success, which we did last year. And it's hard to keep the same fire, and it's catching up to us now. I think it takes time to catch up. You can look at our 5th-6ths and 2nds, and point at them as the beginning signs of this [slump]. And now it's coming to full fruition that other people outpace us. We're not as good as we need to be. So the only path forward for us is to get better at the game. We're not good enough right now.

Quinn "Quinn" Callahan
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Do past wins help or make it harder?

I think both of those have some merit, and they have their time and place, as each one is true. I think, maybe at the beginning of the season, it felt almost like entitlement. I wouldn't say we were all that far, that's a bit too much, but you have this feeling that you deserve to be doing well in tournaments. And when you're not, you're like, "What's happening?" And I think as more time has passed, we're now like, "Okay, we won in the past, we kinda suck now, but we can get back there". We just need to do the things that worked before, which are putting in the time and effort, and get good.

Quinn "Quinn" Callahan
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On the impact of losses

Yeah, I think losses tend to affect me a decent amount. I think they affect a lot of Dota pros to varying degrees, depending on who knows how many freaking factors, whatever. You spend a lot of time and energy playing this game: it's your job, it's your hobby, it's your patch. It fills a lot of roles in your life. Whenever it tanks, that will inevitably affect your self-worth in some way. I feel it works more than you'd expect from an outsider's perspective. But at the end of the day, time heals all wounds, and it's going to be fine eventually. We've all been to this rodeo and lost a lot of times, especially me, being from NA. You're going to lose games, and it's going to suck. So you play and hope that one day, you'll get to win again.

Quinn "Quinn" Callahan

Gaimin Gladiators were eliminated from the group stage of the tournament. They finished the group with a 1-2-2 match score. Their next event is PGL Wallachia S1.

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