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Paparazi shares trick to abuse Armlet switching during DOT Video

Professional Dota 2 Zhang "Paparazi" Chengjun shared a tip to switch Armlet of Mordiggian while affected by DOT-effect. The process is a bit tricky and requires the usage of the Wand. The translation from his stream was posted on Reddit.

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The trick requires a player to put Wand next to Armlet in the inventory because Dota 2 has a hidden priority system. Next, Paparazi presses 3 keys simultaneously: Armlet normal cast, Armlet quick cast, and Wand. In the process, Armlet toggles off, Wand healing is applied, and then Armlet toggles on. The speed is enough to survive even the fastest DOT effects, such as Pudge's Rot.

Paparazi hasn't played professionally since July 2023. The player was upset by his failure to qualify for The International 2023 and announced retirement due to health issues. There were rumors of his comeback in December, but he didn't join any team.

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