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Quinn throws pub and blames draft system: "Congratulations, Nightfall, you won at player screen"

Gaimin Gladiators midlaner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan complained about Immortal draft system in Dota 2. Playing against Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko, he noted that the Russian carry picked the strongest teammates. He then went playing AFK in the jungle awaiting the opponents to finish the game.

Quinn: Congratulations, man, you won at player screen and got +10 MMR. Greatest usage of everyone's time.

Nightfall: it's not +10.

Quinn: Yeah, dude, whatever, 10 or 17. We're still just burning time, playing an egregiously unfair game for meaningless points. Most insane way of bastardizing the picking system.
Nattynarwhal: I'm pretty sure that picking system wasn't supposed to pick from left to right.

Quinn: Maybe it wasn't the intention but I also don't think it was. One team has all the good players.

Nightfall: Not wasting time, getting wins and MMR.

Quinn: Yeah, man, because MMR and winning is all that matters in pubs. Ele giggle.

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Quinn played on the same team with Timado. Nightfall ended up with tOfu, cr1t, nattynarwhal, and jt.

Source: Stratz

Previously, Quinn responded to the players who were disappointed with Crownfall update that featured no gameplay changes. He advised them to "stop whining," and added that "Valve doesn't owe you jack shit."

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