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Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit Arcanas released in first Crownfall update The Markets of Midgate

Valve Corporation released a Dota 2 update, including Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage Arcanas. This is the first patch in the Crownfall series and it is delivered through a new interactive event map.

The paths on the map are unlocked by playing the game, with different heroes giving different tokens. There are various rewards, including Crownfall Coins, which let you get a discount in the Crownfall store, including Arcana purchases. All of the main story rewards can be earned for free, but there is a paid expansion as well, which can be discounted with Coins too.

This is the first update in the series of four. The next one will be released mid-May, while the date of the rest are not announced yet.

Earlier on the same day, Valve released a comic called Ascension Day. It started the story of Skywrath Mage, Vengeful Spirit. and their fight against her sister, who usurped the throne.

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