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Saudi Esports World Cup 2024 features $60 mln total prize pool, with $20 mln in cross-game competition

The organizers of the Esports World Cup announced its total prize pool will reach $60 million in 2024. Club Championship, which is their cross-game competition between esports organizations, will have one-third of it. The official statement was published on X.

Club Championship is a summary of organizations' success across the tournament in multiple disciplines, somewhat similar to the medal table at the Olympics. In 2023, the event had $5 mln in prize money, and Saudi-owned Twisted Minds conquered the first place.

Source: Esports World Cup on X

Another feature is $7.6 mln allocated to reward the qualifier teams. Last year, at Gamers8 2023, the Saudis awarded the participants with $45 million in prize money. Dota 2's Riyadh Masters 2023 headlined the event with $15 mln. It's unclear if there will be a similar disbalance between Valve's MOBA and other games.

The Esports World Cup will be held in the summer of 2024 in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The competition will include 19 events in various disciplines, including Dota 2, CS2, League of Legends, and Rainbow Six: Siege.

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