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XinQ on "EZ" against Falcons: "They love to talk in all-chat, we decided when we win, we would give a little bit of that back to them" Interview

Xtreme Gaming support Zhao "XinQ" Zixing answered panel questions after their victory over Team Falcons in the Dota 2 Elite League 2024 grand final. He explained why they trash-talked their opponents and shared his approach to maintaining a good mood. His words were translated by Jack "KBBQ" Chen.

On pause and "GGEZ" in chat

Since they love to talk and do stuff in all-chat, we decided when we win, we would give a little bit of that back to them.

Zhao "XinQ" Zixing

Why XinQ was laughing on camera in tough moments

He thinks keeping high spirits is really important because his past experience taught him that in these situations when a team communicates less, there's a much bigger chance that they lose. So, it's really important for him to kind of stir the pot there and make sure people feel good, communicating and talking to each other.

Jack "KBBQ" Chen
BlitZ: "With 33, we're not really scared of GG. He jokingly calls them trash: 'No way we're losing to these guys'"

What XinQ would like to see in upcoming patch

I wants Techies to be reverted to what they were before rework.

Zhao "XinQ" Zixing

Advice to future Dota 2 pros

If someone wants to be a pro player, then, obviously, early on in their career, there will be no shine, people won't be watching them. It's not going to be as fun, there will be a lot of hard times. As long as they can get past that most difficult stretch, they should keep going. Better times are ahead.

Zhao "XinQ" Zixing

In the grand final, Xtreme Gaming beat Falcons 3-1, even though they came to the grand final with a 0-7 head-to-head history and lost the first game of the series. Before the end of the match, they put the game on pause and typed "EZ" and "?". That was their revenge on ATF for his bad behavior. Aside from usual tips and question marks, during the upper bracket semifinal against Xtreme he taunted them after winning the match, saying "Tip me, clowns."

Source: Reddit
Fishman: "ATF doesn't have enough keys on Legacy to play zoo, but he has a taunt button, and he says it's important. That's Ammar for you"
It's style over meta for Ammar.



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