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Malr1ne's visa delayed before ESL One Birmingham 2024

Team Falcons Dota 2 player Stanislav "Malr1ne" Potorak shared that he still has not received a visa, allegedly for ESL One Birmingham 2024. In a message on Telegram, he said it's been constantly delayed.

I'm fine, I'm alive and well. I'm still waiting for an answer on my visa. Maybe I'll go [to the UK]. They should give it to me any day now, but for some reason, the dudes [consulate] refuse. I don't know why — they're delaying it. We will see whether I go or not. So pray for me. I think they will give me a visa.

Stanislav "Malr1ne" Potorak
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Malr1ne didn't explain which visa he was talking about, but most likely, it is for ESL One Birmingham 2024. The tournament kicks off on April 22 and is next in line for Falcons. The organization didn't comment on possible visa issues.

Team Falcons reached the grand finals of the Elite League 2024. They will play against Xtreme Gaming or Azure Ray, depending on the result of their ongoing matchup in the lower bracket, today, April 14. This is the third grand final in a row for Falcons.

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ESL One Birmingham 2024 ESL One Birmingham 2024

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