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BlitZ: "With 33, we're not really scared of GG. He jokingly calls them trash: 'No way we're losing to these guys'" Interview

Team Liquid coach William "BlitZ" Lee spoke to the panel after they eliminated Gaimin Gladiators from Elite League 2024. Given the history between the two teams, the host asked him if they were nervous about playing an elimination match against their rivals. BlitZ said they came well prepared and joked that it feels different with Neta "33" Shapira.

I don't think there were nerves. Last night, we had a really nice talk, because my brain didn't work, so some questionable stuff happened [in the match against Azure Ray]. But I feel like I had a really good idea of what he wanted to do. Normally, maybe an hour before the games, me and 33 kinda talk like, "Well, what are your initial thoughts?" I sent some ideas the night before on Discord. He felt really strong about this game: "Here's how we do it, yadda-yadda-yadda." I also feel like with 33, we're not really scared of this team. Obviously, they're good, but he jokingly calls them trash: "No way we're losing to these guys." And yeah, you know, "zai was the problem," et cetera.

William "BlitZ" Lee
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The coach also discussed the Dark Willow pick. BlitZ explained it was a good pick for this scenario. He also doesn't like to pick the same heroes every time.

I felt like it was a good game for Willow. Boxi likes high hero diversity. I remember, at one of the TIs, we just picked him Marci or Tusk every game. We had a post-TI retrospective, after we lost in 3rd place, and he was like, "I can't do it again, dude." And I was, "Alright, lad. No worries." There was this time period when we picked Nisha DK nine times in a row, we were thinking about running it in a scrim, and he gave me the most dead-inside look ever. I think we ended up losing that scrim, it was a perfect DK game, but he was just, "I can't do this anymore". So, sometimes you have to mix it up a bit for your players.

William "BlitZ" Lee

The coach stressed out that this is more of a joke related to scrims, and that Liquid doesn't choose heroes based on such narratives in official matches.

Liquid knocked out Gaimin Gladiators, and will face Xtreme Gaming in the lower bracket semifinal. In the winners final, Azure Ray is currently fighting against Falcons.

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