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Nine: "I can be better at spellcasting than most supports. I just don't have the experience" Interview

Tundra Esports player Leon "nine" Kirilin shared his feelings after debuting in official matches as position 4 for the first time in his Dota 2 career. He thinks he has the mechanical advantage compared to other support players but lacks experience. Nine spoke about it in the post-match interview with the panel of DreamLeague S21.

Feels good, honestly. That was a lot of fun. The biggest thing was just learning again. I'm actually learning Dota again a lot, day by day, it's very exciting. <...>

I feel like I can be better at spellcasting than most supports. I just don't have the experience yet. So I think that is the main thing I need to work on.

Leon "nine" Kirilin
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Nine changed his role after Tundra lost Saksa. The Macedonian support took an indefinite break because of mental health issues that started earlier in the season. Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen stepped in as a temporary solution and took nine's position in mid.

The team already played four bo2s at Dreamleague S21 and won two of them. They will most likely field this roster at The International 2023.

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