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Gorgc and ATF: "Dyrachyo is a little bit like MATUMBAMAN. He didn't often solo-carried games but always did what needed for a win" Video

Streamer Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski and professional Dota 2 player Ammar "ATF" Alassaf discussed Gaimin Gladiators' carry. They think Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov's playstyle is similar to MATUMBAMAN. The Finn was willing to sacrifice his game for his teammates but could as well carry them in certain situations.

Gorgc: Whenever anyone makes a top carry tier list, even me. I never put dyrachyo at the top, and yet he wins every tournament. I think I need to get humbled a little bit, you know.

ATF: Yeah, I understand you. It's like dyrachyo never really carries, but if his team needs him, he will carry. <...>

Gorgc: It's kind of a little bit like MATU used to be, I would say. He was also like that. He didn't often solo-carried games, but he always did what needed to be done to win. And sometimes, it was solo-carrying, but it wasn't always a "Play around me" type. After you play around Miracle- for a few years, you gotta sacrifice yourself a bit.

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Dyrachyo and GG had just won their sixth trophy in 2023 at BetBoom DACHA. They now have three Major titles and two DreamLeague seasons won. Riyadh Masters was the only tournament where they didn't come on top. The next stop for Gladiators is DreamLeague S21 and then The International 2023.

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