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Insider: Valve might cancel Dota 2 Majors in 2024 Rumors

DPC 2024 has been canceled by Valve, but the new source claims there might be no Dota 2 Majors in the 2024 season as well. This was reported by Russian YouTuber Konstantin Doroschenok (Esports channel KD ALL IN), citing his own sources. Take this information with a grain of salt, as there were mistakes from this insider in the past.

About the Majors: According to my information, there will be no Majors next season. The information is not 100%, but it is there.

Konstantin Doroschenok
9Pandas manager says there are signs of possible DPC 2024 cancellation

Currently, Valve has not made an official statement on the Majors. The developers have canceled DPC 2024 but promised there would be another way to qualify for TI13. The scene will move to a free format.

Majors were first established by Valve in 2015. They were run and funded by the company for two years, with OG famously winning most of them. After that, Valve switched to a more open system, the first DPC season. They granted third-party tournaments Major and Minor statuses, $500k and $150k bonuses to the prize pool, and points to qualify for TI. 2017/2018 had 22 of these tournaments.

Solo: "I will be super happy if Valve cancels DPC leagues"


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