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Valve announced cancellation of DPC in 2024

Valve Corporation decided to not hold a Dota Pro Circuit league in 2024. Year 2023 is planned to be the last year with DPC leagues. The announcement came on the official website of the game.

The outlined reasoning for this decision is lack of creativity and excitement in Dota 2 competitive scene. The developers think that DPC and its requirements and limitations were one of the main reasons behind this change, and decided to move on from the system of regional leagues. They explained that in their opinion "The best world is the one where event organizers aren’t competing for our attention, but for yours".

Before we introduced these constraints, the world of competitive Dota was healthier, more robust and more varied than the one we have now. Events used to be less rote and more creative, and there was more room in the calendar for them. Everything was open for exploration: event length and themed venues and team participation and even the basic assumptions of tournament design. There was a beautiful unregulated insanity to it all — casual house parties and oyster prize pools coexisted alongside the Dota Asia Championships and one-off invitationals.

Valve Corporation

Valve emphasized that this decision doesn't mean the cancellation of The International 2024. The developers are already making plans for the event. The details on the ways to get an invite there will be available next year, according to Valve.

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