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9Pandas manager says there are signs of possible DPC 2024 cancellation

9Pandas Dota 2 manager Aldar "Jamba" Dzhambinov shared new information about the DPC 2024 season. He also heard about the possible league cancellation and said the team received an invite to a tournament in November. Jamba thinks this tournament running time might be a sign of rumors being true.

This is a big issue. I do not know what to do. I feel both unpleasant and also kind of fine. Why is it unpleasant? We have a slot in EEU, but if there is no DPC, there are no slots. <...> There is a rumor that there will be no DPC but just a bunch of commercial tournaments. Nobody knows how true this is. But there are already some signs of this. I'll just say that we received an invite to a tournament, which will be held in November. [When?] Second half of the month. It will be on LAN for one week.

Last year, November was the DPC announcement month. December was for DPC registration, and January was the month it kicked off. This year, a tournament launches right in November. You will soon hear about the organizers. Moreover, the event's prize money is quite big.

Aldar "Jamba" Dzhambinov
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Previously, Russian caster and former pro NS shared rumors about Valve possibly canceling the DPC system. The Dota 2 developers will allegedly switch to a series of tournaments instead of regional leagues. Other talent and players, including 9Pandas players Roman "RAMZES" Kushnarev and Aleksey "Solo" Berezin, also heard such rumors.

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