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Quinn vs RAMZES fight was finally staged on ring. But in a videogame Video

Roman "RAMZES" Kushnaryov and Quinn "Quinn" Callahan finally met in a ring thanks to the Russian cast of BetBoom DACHA that brought the old joke to reality. Former professional player Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov and another talent, Zloba, clashed in the wrestling simulator WWE 2K, with custom characters depicting RAMZES and Quinn.

Kuznetsov picked the Russian carry, and his opponent played as GG's midlaner. During the battle, Zloba repeatedly complained that his hero hardly hit his opponent and poorly responded to input commands. RAMZES won by knockout.

Valve returns behavior score points to players, including Quinn, due to issue with reports

Quinn saw that match, too. It was translated in a venue of BetBoom DACHA. The midlaner stopped to watch the fight with Dyrachyo, and both had a laugh about it.

The beef between RAMZES and Quinn has been lasting since spring. The NA player was offended by Roman's toxicity in pubs and started calling him Ramdog, even in post-match interviews. At some point, the beef became more of a meme. During one of the discussions on the topic, RAMZES joked he would face Quinn in an MMA match.

RAMZES on Quinn beef: "When we took an elevator together, he didn't say a word to me and was staring down at the floor"




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