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Players agreed not to use Wraith King because of bug at BetBoom DACHA

BetBoom DACHA event participants have agreed not to pick Wraith King. The Dota 2 hero had game-breaking bug with Reincarnation in patch 7.34c. The decision to exclude him was revealed by Russian caster Yaroslav "NS" Kuztnetsov on the official broadcast.

The gitch provides those who killed Wraith King with the gold reward, even if the Reincarnation was triggered. Also, the hero was coming back to life not at the place of death but at the fountain.

Weird Dota 2 bug causes 82 kills with 29k gold reward to happen during split second

BetBoom Dacha takes place from September 10 to 16 in Yerevan, Armenia. Eight invited teams, including Nigma Galaxy, and Team Secret, fight for the prize pool of $250,000. Gaimin Gladiators have guaranteed themselves a place in the upper bracket playoffs after two wins in their Group.


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