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Spirit Korb3n says player's "serious personal problem" affected their performance at Berlin Major

Team Spirit manager Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov explained why the team looked weak at ESL One Berlin Dota Major 2023. According to him, this was due to one of the players having some serious personal problem and shouldn't have attended the event. Korb3n didn't know about it in advance, otherwise, they would get a stand-in.

I can’t say what went wrong at the Major. I just can not. If I had known everything from the beginning, then, probably, we would not have played the major with the full lineup. That's all. There was a serious reason, so I don't consider the Major's results, performance, and level of play. For me, it was like it didn't exist. <...>

The Major did not affect me in any way because there was a reason. If it weren't there, then, probably, I would have been affected. <...> I can't say [the reason], not because it's something dangerous, but because it's very personal. Super personal. So personal that you just don't say it.

Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov
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Korb3n praised their coach Airat "Silent" Gaziyev for his impact on the Summer Tour. He claims that the coaching staff led them to victory.

I think this Tour was won by Airat and sikle [analyst]. Because Silent did a titanic job, roughly speaking, just like at TI10. It's unreal. If we take away the players, imagine there's none of them, factually, it's Airat's and sikle's victory. <...>

Airat identified the weakest links in our game and found a way to solve them. One particular thing took most of his time. No, it's not the mid lane, haha. He changed his behavior for this Tour and did stuff he never did before. If previously, he was always calm, this time, he could raise his voice. That also did its job. And now we have more respect for sikle and his ideas.

Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov
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Team Spirit didn't get any points at Berlin Major. They reached the upper bracket but couldn't win a single map in two following playoff series. The team did well in the following DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3, as they finished first and qualified for IO Esports Bali Major 2023. They are now 7th in the world rankings with 1020 DPC points, according to Liquipedia. Valve's ranking is seemingly currently incorrect.

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