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Ceb: "DPC Division 2 looks like a retirement home for Europe"

Old G's Sebastien "Ceb" Debs shared his thoughts on the state of the lower DPC Division for Western Europe. The two-time TI champion

In Division 2 in Europe, you have more TI than in most of Div 1 out there. It's true; you have Nigma Galaxy, you have Alliance with s4, our team. You have TI finalists, like Reso. It's crazy. Division 2 is like... you know, there are academies, but the lower division is like a retirement home for Europe.

Sebastian "Ceb" Debs
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There is an equal number of TI winners in both divisions of the Summer Tour. The upper one has Tundra plus Puppey, while the lower one has six players mentioned by Ceb. If Miracle- returns to the main roster of Nigma Galaxy, then the estimation will stand valid.

Old G finished seventh in the DPC Spring Tour and dropped out of the lower division. However, Debs' team returned to the Western European league through a merger with PuckChamp, which slot they will use to play in the third Tour. Ceb's roster will return on June 7 to face Into The Breach in the first match.

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