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Valve likely hints at new event or hero related to meteorites in Dota 2 Plus Summer Update Rumors

Dota 2 may have a new event or a new hero. This conclusion was reached by the fans of the game, who found hints of this on the official website and on the map.

In the news about the Dota Plus seasonal update, there is a mention of a meteorite. According to the developers' description, the patch with new content "falls on the heads of grateful people like a meteorite."

Source: Valve

Redditor Magdev0 spotted that there are land cracks on the Summer map for Dota 2. They are located near neutral camps and were added in the latest update.

Source: Reddit

Developers like to hint at future updates with vague mentions or hidden entities. In Dota 2, it happened previously with various heroes, like Primal Beast, Muerta, or Hoodwink. The most recent discussed hint was about the circus ticket, probably pointing at Puppet Master.

Aui_2000: "This patch is weird sometimes. Our scrims literally look like we have five supports or five carries"

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