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Chinese Dota caster Yammers commits suicide, revealing tragic story of his life in final letter

Chinese Dota 2 caster Mi "Yammers" Hongwei killed himself on his birthday, turning 26 on May 29. He left a postponed message on Weibo telling his depressive life story with incidents of child abuse, bullying, rape attempts and careless raising by his parents. Its auto-translated version appeared on Reddit. Here's a short recap:

Yammers was adopted and unaware of it, but it affected his relationships with others around him right from the beginning. Mi said other parents didn't allow their kids to play with him, making Yammers an outcast. He was severely bullied since kindergarten, was often beaten in school and blamed for others' mistakes. Once, teachers beat his palms with sticks, which he describes as torture, to make him admit to breaking a school door, something he never did. All these things affected his studies too.

He rarely saw his father, and his mother also didn't pay enough attention to Mi's troubles. When his parents reconciled, they were always in a quarrel. Yammers said he had a short three-year period of happiness after moving to another city to study: "Basketball + exercise + Dota; I had a very fulfilling overall life." But apparently, his partner cheated on Yammers, which could pile on top of his mental issues. He also didn't enjoy his internship at Chinese Railway and moved to casting Dota in 2018.

His father's death hit him with a new wave of depression and became the point when he decided to commit suicide.

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Yammers worked at every The International since 2019, China Supermajor, DAC 2018 and other events. The author of the thread said Yammers's most famous line was "再见了宝贝", which means "Goodbye, baby". He asked Valve to somehow commemorate Yammers's death in the game.

Source: Liquipedia

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