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Mira: "9Pandas felt relaxed after the Berlin Major and got slapped in the face by BetBoom" Interview

Team Spirit's support Miroslaw "MIra" Kolpakov spoke about BetBoom Team beating 9Pandas in DPC EEU 2023 and tried to predict the result of their future clash with the latter team. He thinks 9Pandas didn't maintain their form after 3rd place at Berlin Major but will come prepared for the match against Team Spirit.

9Pandas are just weaker than BetBoom Team. If you have watched their matches before, you'll see that BetBoom is in better shape. They look more confident. And it was more or less expected. You can also see that 9Pandas felt relaxed after the Berlin Major. Now they got slapped in the face hard. I think they will be more collected in the series against us. It won't be an easy one.

I think the outcome depends on how well we'll play, what our shape will be. If everything's okay, I'd say 50/50. If there will be some issues out of nothing again, I can't predict. We can win if everyone is chill.

Miroslaw "MIra" Kolpakov
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Team Spirit and BetBoom Team haven't failed a series, and both won four matches in the Summer Tour of DPC EEU 2023. They will face each other on May 30. 9Pandas have a 3-1 match record. They play the whole Tour with a 30-second penalty given by TO due to rules violation.

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