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Paragon Events CEO comments on 9Pandas penalty in DPC 2023

Paragon Events CEO Aleksandr Zavoloka commented on the 9Pandas penalty that happened in the DPC EEU 2023 Summer Tour. The operator imposed sanctions on the team for damaging the TO's image, but the parties have no claims against each other.

The DPC regulation created by Valve is mandatory for all participants. The document lists all the points that the team must comply with. One of our tasks is to ensure that there are no violations. The team broke the rules, and as a result, they were fined.

All tournaments are held thanks to the partnership of organizers, sponsors and participants, relations between which are regulated. If one of the parties allows public statements that negatively affect the image of the other partner, this harms everyone. In this situation, we were forced to impose on the team a fine corresponding to the violation.

I consider it important to note that neither our company nor the management of 9Pandas have any claims against each other.

Aleksandr Zavoloka, Paragon Events CEO
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Zavoloka commented on the recent 322 scandal, saying they provided Valve with evidence against former Hydra player Lefitan. He believes the company would ban him in future. Paragon Events CEO also explained how they operate when it comes to match-fixing or other violations.

We sometimes receive complaints of unsportsmanlike conduct from both EEU DPC participants and non-tournament players. This is, of course, a significant problem that requires the closest attention. We carefully study each received appeal and analyze the information we get.

We see that a large part of it comes from non-professional players, who at the same time personally confirm they are involved in match-fixing, which hurts the scene. Information from such people should be carefully verified but also confirmed by other, more credible sources.

Otherwise, it will turn into a "witch hunt," and a carelessly (or intentionally) spoken word can destroy the career of an honest player. It is necessary to be guided by the presumption of innocence, and until the guilt of a particular player is convincingly proven, he should not be banned from competitions.

Aleksandr Zavoloka, Paragon Events CEO

Previously, Paragon penalized 9Pandas with a 30-second deduction at drafts for the whole Summer Tour. The reasons weren't specified, although the organization's Chief Strategy Officer Maria "Inverno" Gunina promised to reveal them after "the process" is finished.

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