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9Pandas were penalized for whole Summer Tour due to "disrespect towards the TO"

Paragon Events, which is running Eastern European DPC in 2023, issued a penalty on 9Pandas. For the rest of the Summer Tour, the team will have 30 seconds deducted from the draft bonus time.

9Pandas received level 1 penalty on all matches. Players, coaches and other team members are expected to be respectful towards tournament officials, sponsors/partners and members of other teams. They are not allowed (under any circumstances) to verbally abuse any representative of the above-mentioned entities.

Paragon Events
"There's a need for an overhaul with how community figures are allowed to treat pubs in NA". Aui_2000 about patch 7.33 and why Europe is so strong
"You come to the Major, and you are actually playing WEU DPC again".

According to 9Pandas Chief Officer Maria "Inverno" Gunina, someone from the organization acted disrespectfully towards Paragon Events.

Yes, we received the penalty for disrespect towards the TO, and everyone wants details. There will be explanations when the "process" ends.

Maria "Inverno" Gunina

9Pandas is currently the top team in the EEU by DPC score, going 5th in global chart with 896 points. At the last Major in Berlin, they finished 3rd.

Dyrachyo after winning Berlin Major: "Maybe we are lucky, or maybe we are just better"

9Pandas 9Pandas

Inverno Inverno

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