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Spirit Korb3n on DreamLeague invites: "ESL ranking almost entirely ignores the regular DPC league"

Team Spirit manager Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov shared his opinion on somewhat controversial ESL invites to DreamLeague S19. He saw some positives, such as the sportsmanship approach but also negatives, such as a weird and non-transparent ranking system. Belov posted his conclusions on Telegram.

I don't see Alliance, which is contractually tied to ESL, meaning that competitive integrity is present here more than at ESL Malaysia, for example.

Where's BetBoom? BetBoom was 4th on the invite list. So if EEU had three slots, Nemiga would get the invite [technically not, due to the rule that excludes teams playing in DPC Div 2]. It is probably the only downside of their rating, not BetBoom's absence, but the ranking itself. Yes, BB didn't play third-party events, but putting them below a second-division team is laughable. <...>

To sum it up: ESL ranking almost entirely ignores the regular DPC league. Top 3 placement at a tier-2 event, BB Xmas Show, is more important than 1st place at DPC EEU Tour 1. But the Major results have a high impact unless you take last place.

In other things, ESL ranking is non-transparent and flawed. <...> The current system is looking decent, but it should be polished. ESL knows how to do it.

Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov
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Korb3n discussed other issues which were covered and explained by ESL rules. Nemiga's placement over BetBoom supposedly happened because of their third placement in BB Xmas Show, possibly including TI11 qualification points. BetBoom is a new team that started earning its points from 0. ESL did not disclose their way of calculating the regional EPT points, aside from a few mentions which didn't provide a full picture.

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