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Boxi updates on his health issues: "Maybe in the future, I will have to skip some games to get it all sorted out" Interview

Team Liquid support Samuel "boxi" Svahn appeared on the broadcast in a post-match interview after defeating Nigma Galaxy in DPC WEU 2023 Spring Tour. The player revealed that he still has some health procedures to do in future and discussed their opponents' draft.

I'm feeling ok. I don't want to go into much detail about that, but it's fine right now. Maybe in the future, I will have to skip some games to get it all sorted out and diagnose some stuff. It can take some time t go to the medical system, but everything will be ok, and I should be ok.

Samuel "boxi" Svahn

On preparation for Nigma's weird role distribution.

They seem a little bit lost with their roles or something. I don't know who is playing carry: is it MC, Ammar, or SumaiL? In preparation, I think they are still, at their core, the same team that has been for years. They play a lot together, they like teamfights with a lot of healing and have some weird signature heroes, which in the game one was Timber. So, about prep, we didn't ban Timber.

Yeah, they haven't changed that much as a team. But they have to figure out how to win games. Because they are good players, but their team is not really clicking as well as it could be.

Samuel "boxi" Svahn
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Nigma Galaxy had some swaps between their players in that match. Since the addition of Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf, they have experimented with positions and roles, trying to find a way to play without a dedicated carry. They managed to take a game away from Liquid but lost two others without much resistance.

Boxi was unable to finish the playoffs of The Lima Major due to undisclosed health issues. He flew home two days before the end of the tournament and was replaced by analyst Jabbz. Team Liquid won the lower bracket final but finished second in Lima. In the DPC, the team only lost one game so far.

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