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Yuragi: "In OG, we didn't have that approach of studying the hero pool of each [our] player" Interview

OG carry Atrem "Yuragi" Golubev revealed that they didn't have someone who would "study the team's hero pool." They've picked this approach from HellRaisers after he stood in for the EEU team at Lima Major 2023. Yuragi shared it with Ukrainian caster Storm on his Twitch, also speaking about their current team composition and calling in games.

On standing in for HellRaisers at Lima Major

It was fun. I spoke with Antares and Kiyotaka, others were fine too. We could've performed better, but I got some experience, maybe in terms of drafts. In OG, we didn't have that approach of studying the hero pool of each [our] player when someone knows who plays which hero. It makes drafting significantly easier. They had this thing in HR, so we began using it. <...> Solo is the best Undying in the world, everything was great.

Atrem "Yuragi" Golubev
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On the bad start in DPC

I can't say we were upset after the first two losses — more like we didn't understand [why]. We have good scrim results but couldn't show it in the first two games. <...> First map against Tundra was hard due to the drafts. On the second, we didn't manage to finish. I remember there was a very farmed Pangolier, and then we threw the game on high ground.

Atrem "Yuragi" Golubev

On communications and drafts

The callers are mainly me, DM, and Taiga. They are calling more in the early game, and then it's my turn. [Don't you have a single leader?] No, we are learning how to call. We draft heroes together, and the strategies are mainly on Taiga and Misha. Everyone helps, including Chu.

Atrem "Yuragi" Golubev

OG had a rough start in the DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2. They lost to Liquid and Tundra before securing the first win against Ooredoo Thunders. Currently, Yuragi's team is sitting on a 2-1 record. Their next opponent will be Major winners Gaimin Gladiators. The match is scheduled for March 22.

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DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2



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