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N0tail talks his 7.33 wishlist: "Regen and the courier are the reason Dota looks like it does right now at minute 15. Like, what the f**k is going on?"

OG co-owner Johan "N0tail" Sundstain wishes for fundamental changes in Dota 2. He spoke about various innovations Valve could implement to refresh the game. He spoke about it with Dota 2 caster Owen "ODPixel" Davies.

I really want some map and farming pattern changes. Some big changes that would really shake things up. <...> I don't know how it works for them [Valve] because there's also a lot of logistics to it. You have a lot of map skins, so [it's unclear] what the hell is going to happen. <...>

Yes, side shop and stuff. I think it could be fun to add some elements to the game, so you'd have to re-learn things. You know, like a new shop system, whatever. I don't care if people get pissed off.

Let's say you change how regen works. There are only charges for your team. You can buy some regen at the side shop, but you can no longer spam Tangoes or Salves. You can buy that at the side shop but with only X amount for the side lanes. And the mid has to get the first set of tangoes, and the side lane has to manage what they buy and what they use.

[ODPixel: That sounds great for pro play but horrific for pubs: sort of a shared charge-based system...]
Of course, and it's also the problem with the courier and whatever. But let's say you have an individual charge system. My recommendation for a while was to change how quickly couriers come into play: You don't have five couriers, or they are even slower in the beginning. Something when it almost becomes...

Well, mid needs a courier, and that's why it's hard to fix the system without going back to when you needed to play a bit more like a team. Not every lane should use the courier from the start of the game because it does change so much about how all this works. The regen and the courier are the reason why Dota looks like it does right now at minute 15. Like, what the f**k is going on? When I click on these heroes who are on top of the networth. How can you have so much? Speedrunning a map back in the day wouldn't give you this. It's maddening.

Johan "N0tail" Sundstain

N0tail and ODpixel watched Old G's qualification matches for DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2. The team beat their opponents and made it to the closed qualifier without losing a map. They will fight for the spot in Lower Division on March 19-22.

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