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Hydra manager: "Ceb will move to pos4 in Old G. A Croatian offlaner will step in as pos5" Rumors

Team Hydra manager Svyatoslav "Frank-" Orlovskiy shared rumors about the upcoming reshuffle in Old G. Confirming our report on Resolut1on coming from Team Secret, he also provided a bit of new information about their new support. The post was released on Frank's Telegram.

There will be a player coming from Secret, and Ceb will move to position 4. A Croatian offlaner will step in as position 5.

Will they play in open qualifiers or buy a slot, that is an interesting question.

Svyatoslav "Frank-" Orlovskiy, Hydra manager.
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There aren't too many prominent Croatian players fitting the description. The Ancient Tribe's veteran coach, Damir "Mitch" Skaricic, is a likely candidate. In 2021, he was still playing for Spider Pigzs. There's a known analyst and his former teammate Dominik "Lacoste" Stipic, but he didn't compete since 2016. Of course, it can be some young or unknown player.

Old G possible lineup

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Secret Secret

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Resolut1on Resolut1on

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