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HellRaisers go to Lima without Daxak, who was kicked after qualifying for Major

HellRaisers parted ways with their carry Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin. This was confirmed today by both parties on social networks. In her personal blog, HR sports director Maria "Inverno" Gunina framed his departure as a kick.

Rumor has it the carry had a conflict with the team's coach Aleksandr "Nofear" Churochkin. However, this information was refuted by Maria, who is in a relationship with Nofear. This is how Daxak explained the situation:

I'm not going to the Major. Funny story (maybe they were right in saying I shouldn't join HR). But anyway, I proved my point and can be proud of the work I've done. Not everything in this life goes as we want.

Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin
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He promised to share the details on stream soon. HellRaisers are already looking for a replacement. They've played a few games at BetBoom Universe Episode 1 Comics Zone with Igor "iLTW" Filatov and tried out former NAVI carry Alik "V-TUNE" Vorobey. HellRaisers' offlaner Matvey "MieRo" Vasyutin commented on playing with stand-ins.

We played the first games with iLTW and decided to try also with Alik. Because it wasn't clear what was going on with NAVI, they lost three players. It's far from the ideal shape for us, but the vibe is significantly better. A new player came, we need to get used to him, some weren't comfortable. We are now searching for our game because new players change drafts and approaches. But I think everything is happening for the best.

Matvey "MieRo" Vasyutin, HellRaisers offlaner

4D Esports Lima Major 2023 will be held in Peru from February 22 to Match 5, with 18 attending teams. From Eastern Europe, three teams travel to participate in it: HellRaisers, BetBoom, and Team Spirit.

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The Lima Major 2023 The Lima Major 2023

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