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V1lat claims Knights vs EHOME match on DPC was fixed, supports his conclusions with inside data from bookmakers

Ukrainian caster Vitalii "v1lat" Volochai accused the participants of Knights vs EHOME Chinese DPC game of matchfixing. He came to the conclusion of 322 play in DPC CN 2023 after talking to the GG.Bet bookmaker and studying the behavior on their betting lines.

While on Twitter Volochai was short and concise, on his Telegram he elaborated on their investigation and his claims. According to GG.Bet data, in an hour before the start of the match, the betting odds on Knights win were 1.25. But they started quickly changing when the match came closer and closer, and made a huge jump in 10 minutes before the start of the match, moving Knights odds to 3.24.

Volochai claims that to move the odds so much in Upper Division of DPC, people needed to bet a huge amount of money on the opposing team, at least a "few millions of dollars". GG.Bet itself didn't receive such big amount of money, but shifted their odds because of global odds movements, most likely caused by Asian bookmakers.

Most importantly, GG.Bet also told v1lat that the suspicious activity appeared not only on the bets on the result of the match, but also on the odd/even amount of kills on map 2. These are usually pretty random, and the significant shift in betting activity is a good sign of unfair play.

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It's not the first time Knights are suspected in unfair play. Earlier, the Chinese DPC organizers accused the team of using cheats, and sent the evidence to Valve. That didn't stop Knights from finishing the league in the upper part of the table and receiving an invite to the Major in Lima.



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