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"Not that scary." Dendi reveals what he thinks about NA Dota pubs after he survives in local DPC

Dota 2 legend Danil "Dendi" Ishutin shared his experience with North American matchmaking. He and his team B8 have spent the first 2023 Tour playing in NA DPC, so he had lots of time playing in local pubs. On Twitter, Dendi stated that these games are "pretty chill and not that scary."

At the start of DPC 2023, the 33-year-old midlaner and his ex-NAVI teammate Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov moved to NA, buying a slot from Wildcard Gaming. Their lineup secured 6th place by the end of Tour 1, avoiding relegation. Compared to B8's results on home soil, this should be counted as a success.

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In Eastern Europe, Dendi's team participated in the second division for three Tours, got eliminated from the second division twice and only once barely survived at 6th place. At the same time, his former home team NAVI was relegated from the top EEU division.

As a professional, Dendi hasn't won anything since 2019, but it was a small Winter Blast event. His last top-tier victory happened in 2016 at StarSeries S2 when he was in NAVI. Despite this and neverending criticism, he does not give up on Dota or his position in the midlane.

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