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Spirit's midlaner Larl shares secret of success: "Spend less time on assholes and girls. Girls ruined many Dota careers"

Team Spirit's new midlaner Denis "Larl" Sigitov gave a few pieces of advice on how to get better in Dota 2. When asked by streamer Nix what's the secret of success, he suggested "spending less time on assholes and girls" and dedicating yourself to the game.

I think there's no secret. You just must, if you're sure about something, you must move forward to it, despite anything. That's it. Even when failures happen; there always seem to be some negative things, downfalls and rises. You must never give up and all that cr*p.

Also, you should spend less time on assholes and girls. You must dedicate yourself to Dota. Girls ruined a lot of Dota careers.

Denis "Larl" Sigitov

Larl joined Team Spirit after the departure of TORONTOTOKYO in mid-season. So far, he has fit in well: the team is flawless in the DPC league Tour 1, earning a spot at Lima Major 2023. His first real test is just around the corner, as Team Spirit is facing BetBoom, which is considered their main rival, on January 29.

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