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Lima Major operator: "Yes, we have alternatives should the situation deteriorate quickly"

COO of 4D Esports Ramon "Swadow" Lopez, the operator of Lima Dota Major 2023, spoke to to address the topic of the event staging in Peru, with its violent protests running for almost two months. He revealed that they have some backup plan in case riots intensify in Lima.

Yes, we have alternatives should the situation deteriorate quickly, but we are talking about a worst-case scenario that should be extremely unlikely.

Ramon "Swadow" Lopez, COO at 4D Esports
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The interview was published on January 16. In general, Swadow's words echoed the answers we received talking to the TO and regional director of beastcoast. They claimed that Lima is a safe place compared to other provinces and that there were no indications that Major should be cancelled or postponed.

In recent days, the protests have reached the capital. About 200 people were arrested on January 22 during the clashes with the police. Local forces are continuously fighting regional roadblocks, and as a whole, the protests are already threatening the local economy.

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