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SEA DPC Team Flow accused of cheating after series of suspicious plays

Team Flow, which competes in the DPC SEA 2023 Division II, was spotted doing a series of suspicious plays in a third-party tournament during the match against SPAWN. The local community accuses them of map-hacking after one of the opponents, Tri "MamangDaya" Pamungkas, made a clip of Flow's questionable actions.

There are two episodes of the suspicious play highlighted by Pamungkas. In the first one, Flow's midlaner Yeong "Mercury" Shi Jie keeps following the invisible Tusk, seemingly knowing where's the hero. In the second one, they chase Naga Siren. When she hides in the trees, Mercury blinks directly on top of her despite even the scan missing the hero before that.

As a result, Flow managed to come back and win the map from behind.

It is supposedly not the first time when this squad gets on the radar. According to the Reddit thread author, the players were accused of cheating in the past, competing under the Summit Gaming tag, although we couldn't find the mentions.

The DPC season this year has one scandal after another. Earlier, the Chinese team Knights was also accused of using a map hack, but so far, nothing came from it. And some pros doubted the accusations. In Eastern Europe, 10 players, including VP carry, were banned for account sharing, and a second Division Team Hydra was disqualified for alleged match-fixing by a third-party TO.

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