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Gpk names strongest midlaners, returns favor to Nisha Interview

BetBoom player Danil "gpk~" Skutin shared his thoughts on the strongest midlaners of the professional Dota 2 scene and spoke about the team's performance. He praised Nisha among other players in the post-match interview after defeating One Move in DPC EEU 2023 Tour 1.

Strong [mid] laners? Nisha, depressed kid, and bzm. After those, I'd put Rostik [fn]. I didn't follow Chinese meta. Haven't seen a single game. I don't know what's the situation with mid players there.

Danil "gpk~" Skutin
DPC EEU Team Hydra disqualified from another event for alleged match-fixing, one of suspects is dream'

Оn psychologist

We do not have a psychologist. I think, after the first Major, we will decide if we need one. So far, we don't see any profit in it. We'll see after the Major.

Danil "gpk~" Skutin

On EEU teams

After us, every CIS teams start to crush [others]. Our last game of the season will be against Spirit. We'll see, it will be an interesting one. I hope Gleb [depressed kid] qualifies for the Major, I truly believe in him.

Nemiga is just like Vega, which I played for in the past. Good performance at the TI qualifier, but after that, they shouldn't continue together. That's my opinion.

Danil "gpk~" Skutin

Recently Nisha gave a lot of credit to gpk~, confessing that he couldn't beat his rival in scrims. The Pole himself is in amazing form, going undefeated in DPC WEU and wrecking pub games with an out-of-this-world winrate of 95%.

Nisha destroys Dota pubs with unbelievable winrate



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