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Lima Major organizers on Peru protests and state of emergency: "There is no possibility of event cancellation at the moment" Exclusive

The Major in Lima starts in a month, on February 22, but the situation with riots in Peru doesn't seem to get much better. The recent declaration of state of emergency made some question if the organizers will really go forward with holding the event in the country. We discussed the current situation with one of them, 4D Esports general manager Adrián Mohme.

According to the organizers, current situation in Lima is not threatening for Major attendants. Mohme claims, that the areas where the tournament will be taking place, are safe for tourists. But he expressed hope that by the time the event will start, "the situation in all of the country will calm down" and "everything will move forward without issue".

When asked about the new state of emergency and if it can lead to organizers deciding to not hold the tournament in Lima or at all, Mohme explained that "there is no possibility of event cancellation at the moment". But 4D Esports are monitoring the situation and will communicate if anything will change.

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Even tho the Major itself seems to be safe so far, Adrián Mohme recommends to the fans to closely follow the situation and to not travel the country after attending the event.

Depending on the situation in the dates nearing that Major, make sure to have the information of which regions might be having protests at that time. In case there are any, it would not be advised to travel there if they wanted to do some tourism post Major, which we know many fans coming for the event are planning to.

4D Esports general manager Adrián Mohme

Earlier we also talked with beastcoast regional director Alejandro Moral. He expressed the same sentiment, claiming that Lima will be safe for the attending fans, since the riots are mostly happening in the southern regions. And it seems that the local Dota fans also think the same way.

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